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Find out how NORMAL people make $5,000 a month or MORE from their home computers with NO COMPANY in between!


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Quick $100 automatic Business!?

Thank you for asking about this FUN, SIMPLE, and VERY LUCRATIVE business! This site may contain the most "common sense" you will ever read about doing business on the Internet.

Like me, I would bet that you have "seen it all" in terms of online businesses. The chain letters, which ARE illegal, no matter what postal regulations are quoted (look it up yourself!). The matrixes and "straight line downlines" which are MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE if you'll take the time to look at them on paper. And the MLM's, which are usually sitting ducks for regulatory interference.

Many of us have tried them all, even when we had a "gut feeling" that it might not be "right" - because we WANTED them to succeed SO BADLY! Most online marketers (or marketing hopefuls) I know are part time, normal, hardworking people willing to follow directions and do what it takes to make a living wage - if they could only find the right directions!

I started with the Quick 100 Business, after seeing EVERYTHING else, because I wanted...

A STEADY and GROWING monthly income I could live on
Simple directions for a NON technical person
IMMEDIATE income, and
Money coming to ME, not to some company!

Don't get me wrong. There are good companies online (and BAD ones), but even good companies run into "bugs" and don't pay me MY money like they said they would. I can't live on that - can you?

The Quick 100 Business was PERFECT for me because:

I did NOT have to have a website (free websites are being offered just about everywhere now, and are easier than ever to set up! More on that later!)
I could make an IMMEDIATE income - within 1 day!
The money comes to ME directly
The income is STEADY and GROWS every month
And the work is SIMPLE - I do it part time

I market what 14 MILLION e-commerce sites on the Internet today WANT and NEED (I spent the last 3 years working and marketing for a huge, well known e-commerce site!). I market the TOOLS that help ANY website GET HITS and MAKE SALES.

Oh, I know. ANYONE can say that - but I can PROVE IT. My #1 customer uses the tools I market, and their traffic went from 350 hits a day to over 10,000 hits EVERY DAY! 

      My typical day...

This entire business can be marketed by email (although you COULD do it with a website if you have one) and I've shown many other people - including my friends and my own family, how to do the EXACT same thing and make an income too.

A typical work day for me goes like this. I get up at 7:30 am. I start my computer and start some very slick software that starts sending out THOUSANDS of emails, while they are getting dressed, I am making breakfast, taking a shower myself, etc. These are SPAM FREE emails that go out to HALF A MILLION potential customers a day, and I NEVER have a return email in my inbox.

At 8:15 am I shut down the computer and go to my office! At 9:00 pm I start it up again and work for about an hour placing some very POWERFUL ads to over 200,000 sites on the Internet.

By doing that, the first day, I received exactly 42 hits to my autoresponder, of which 8 of those people paid me $20.00 US each. That's a DAILY income of $160.00 US. This money was automatically added to my account, while I was gone, and the products were delivered automatically.

Those 8 people represent a MONTHLY income to me of $160.00 US a month. From ONE DAY'S worth of work! And, of course, I DO work more than one day a month! With 20 work days in the month (four 5-day weeks), you can do the math yourself!

Of course, I do check my emails each evening, and answer questions for my customers to assist them. After all, I want them to remain happy and PAYING customers month after month, because each satisfied customer pays me $20.00 a month for access to my tools and the updates I provide. 

The rest of my business is handled ENTIRELY automatically, with autoresponders. It DID take me about one whole day to set everything up - the software I use, the autoresponders, the lists I mail to that are updated on a daily basis, and in a major way on a monthly basis. My order taking and payment processing system. But within one day, I was having money come right to me! NOT to some company, who would pay me "later". Not a PART of what I sold. ALL of it. Right to ME!

The BEST part, for my customers, is that I allow them to
try out everything I do for a full 30 days without paying monthly fee! If they are making money with the tools I use in the Quick 100 automatic Business, they pay me $20.00 a month for the REST of the tools, which are updated and made available every month. If not, they move on with no hard feelings. 

How do I get $20 immediately from every sale? Well, to be honest, you and I BOTH know that there are people out there who will sign up for ANYTHING as long as it's free. They won't put any EFFORT in, and they won't BUY when the 30 days is up - do you know people like that? I don't want to spend my time that way, and neither do you!

So, my customers pay me a one time set-up fee of $20.00 US to get ALL of the software, lists, complete step-by-step set up instructions, autoresponders and OTHER tools they need to market the Quick 100 automatic Business effectively - or any OTHER online business! Then, they TRY the Quick 100 automatic Business - and the tools - for a full 30 days. 

Immediate income, right to me.

Monthly income that is STEADY and GROWS every month as I keep marketing and add to my customer base. Most people can build up a customer base of 100 customers within 30-60 days. Do the math. 100 customers x $20.00 = $ 2000.00 PER MONTH!

You'll notice that I have been VERY careful not to give you hype or vague information. It's been long, but I wanted you to know EXACTLY what you're looking at. You won't hear much about me - or ANY of the rest of us marketing the Quick 100 automatic Business - because we don't HAVE to go around "recruiting" and going crazy. We make a VERY good living WITHOUT doing any of that.

Should YOU choose to work with me, here is what 
you will receive


  • complete step-by-step set up instructions. Plan to spend one full day setting everything up to run automatically.

  • All the Software you Need to run this business on autopilot.

  • Special E-books with powerful e-mail marketing techniques and instructions how to get 47,200 Targeted Hits for FREE.

  • 600 opt-in email lists with HALF A MILLION people on them who have SUBSCRIBED, with hundreds more added daily.

  • Access to autoresponders, and the instructions for setting them up so that you COULD be ON VACATION and still making money and delivering product.

  • OTHER powerful software that you will use to market this business automatically. My 11 year old cousin can run these for me if I take the day off!

  • Every headline, ad, and message I send every day, the ones that get the best response and make me the most money. My personal email address, for any answers or assistance you need at any time. 

  • AND the complete right to RESELL all of this to YOUR customers in this business!

TRY this business for a FULL 30 DAYS. PROVE to yourself that this business works for YOU as well as it does for my OTHER customers.

If you're not happy, we'll part as friends. But if you ARE happy, then THIS is what you will receive EVERY MONTH:

  • MORE software, to REALLY boost business.
    I am CONSTANTLY adding new software, and I
    pass it on to MY customers. If YOU make
    more money, you STAY with me as a PAYING

  • Updated lists. We clean the old ones and
    add new ones every month.

  • New E-books with marketing secrets.

  • Updated ads, headlines, and sales tools.
    Staying fresh keeps my sales high. You
    don't have to test new ones yourself.
    I only give you what is PROVEN to work!

  • MORE tools that I use, including my
    "Secret Weapon" that gets me hits and
    business whether I actively market or

  • AND the complete right to resell ALL of
    this to YOUR customers.

    If you DO decide not to continue, for whatever reason, I expect that you will refer the customers you have developed before quitting to me. Not because I need the money, but because I don't want to see anyone left hung out to dry, unable to continue to succeed because they can't get the updated tools and information.

    So that's it! Actually, WHATEVER business you promote online, sooner or later you will need the tools I market if YOU want to get 10,000 hits a day like MY customer does, as you've seen. With that kind of traffic, ANY online business can make money.

    But if you want to PROFIT from the HUGE DEMAND for these tools, and use them yourself to create an immediate, steady and GROWING monthly income - doing honest, legitimate, and simple work at your own schedule - then it's very easy to get started.

    For payment and Getting Started NOW! instructions, just click on the Get Started! Your order will be processed in REAL TIME and then you will IMMEDIATELY receive EVERYTHING you need to start setting up now. Again, plan to take one full day to set up everything you need to make this business automated. And then YOU'LL have money coming directly to YOU too! 

Limited time only!

When you join you will receive

Classified Ad Blaster

Post Your Add To 8000+ Classified Ad Pages with just one click!!


Thank you very much for taking the time to read through this LONG page. If you've gotten this far, I hope you've found it informative AND refreshing. I look forward to working with you, and to watching the difference in YOUR life that I've seen in MINE.


I hope that clarifies any questions. I love this business, and I'm proud of it. You can too - just click on the Get Started!

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